The Enlivening Beauty

In a Christmas day post I lauded an artist named Barbara Medaille and her landscape called For the Firefighters.

Because so many friends and readers responded to the painting, I followed up with a few questions, to which she graciously responded on the phone and in email. (The result is blended together in the continuation below the virtual fold below; as I told Barbara, if I got something wrong, she can just go to the comments and set me straight!)

"For the Firefighters" was a painting I’ve been waiting a good deal of my life to see. I encounter so many California landscapes that are pretty and representational, both of the beauty of our state and of its factual appearance, but fail to catch the underlying drama of our landscape. As Barbara says, California is far less stable and unchanging than it sometimes appears.

You can see this drama, I think, even in her landscapes which aren’t obviously threatening, such as this one, called West County:


Department of T’was Ever Thus

From the New Yorker, we respectfully beg permission to use the following drawing. (This site is about enlightenment on the topic of environmental change, makes no money for anyone, and gives credit under Fair Use doctrine guidelines.) And surely the artist Diffee would want people interested in environmental topics to see the sheer beauty ofContinue reading “Department of T’was Ever Thus”

The Onion vs. Stupidity

Public Outraged As Price Of Fast-Depleting, Non-Renewable Resource Skyrockets December 28, 2005 | Issue 41•52 ATLANTA (Oct. 12)—Americans are expressing their outrage at the soaring price of the non-renewable resource gasoline from the passenger seats of their vehicles across the country. "America means having a right to cheap gas without having to say please," saidContinue reading “The Onion vs. Stupidity”

“Sensational Information”

This blog hopes to try and bridge the vast gap that exists between the fact-based world of science and the sensation-based world of popular entertainment, but–frighteningly–these worlds are beginning to converge. Yesterday from Nature came news that the Gulf Stream has weakened thirty percent in the last fifty years, suggesting the possibility of an iceContinue reading ““Sensational Information””