Elephants Squabble Over Climate Change

A Republican Congressman from Texas has launched an investigation into the research of three climate scientists, notably Michael Mann, arguing–based on an article in the Wall St. Journal–that their representation of a warming climate is fundamentally flawed. The threatening nature of inquiry is apparent in the Congressman’s letter. For example, here’s one passage: 4. ProvideContinue reading “Elephants Squabble Over Climate Change”

Is the Insurance Industry Exploiting Global Warming?

While I was on vacation, a fascinating piece on the insurance industry’s attempts to quantify global warming in the L.A. Times  (registration required) ran last week. Although well-researched and thick with thought-provoking quotes from scientists, insurance industry experts, and skeptics, the piece by Michael Bustillo couldn’t seem to decide if the reinsurance industry’s fears ofContinue reading “Is the Insurance Industry Exploiting Global Warming?”

The Usefulness of Hypocrisy

"Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue," said the witty La Rouchefoucauld, back in 1665. In California in 2005, the governor — a former movie star who more than any other individual popularized the Humvee, an extreme emitter of the prime heat-trapping gas, CO2 — now declares his opposition to global warming. Because anotherContinue reading “The Usefulness of Hypocrisy”

Changing Climates, Changing Minds

Environmental correspondent Judith Lewis points out that over on the right, Reason magazine’s science reporter Ronald Bailey’s "obdurate" see-no-global-warming, hear-no-global-warming, speak-no-global-warming stance is beginning to crack…while on the left, The Guardian‘s science reporter, Robin McKie, opens discussion of a innovative scheme to bury carbon dioxide emissions from English power plants, instead of releasing them intoContinue reading “Changing Climates, Changing Minds”

Global Dimming vs. Global Warming

The world’s atmosphere is warming, but — fortunately — for the past century it’s been warming at a relatively slow rate (in California, on average about one degree Fahrenheit in the last fifty years). But some scientists now suspect that our atmosphere would be warming much faster were it not for particulate matter — soot.Continue reading “Global Dimming vs. Global Warming”

Global Warming A Threat to Fresh-Water Fish

According to a study just published by the National Wildlife Federation,  global warming represents a threat to fresh-water fish in the Northwest. The Southern California Steelhead Trout is believed to be uniquely well-suited to survive warm waters and drought, which is one good reason many scientists are keen to see the variety that once swarmedContinue reading “Global Warming A Threat to Fresh-Water Fish”