Money Can’t Buy You Love; Or, in Santa Paula, Development

Not all the news from this election in California is good. Much-loathed anti-environmentalist Congressman Richard Pombo easily defeated GOP legend Pete McCloskey, and now looks to be on a glide path to re-election. But the news from little Santa Paula is incredible. For the third time in recent years, the not-rich voters in this old-fashionedContinue reading “Money Can’t Buy You Love; Or, in Santa Paula, Development”

Sunday Morning on the Planet

Much news tomorrow, including about a thousand takes on "An Inconvenient Truth," including mine, but on this holiday weekend let us enjoy our day of rest, and the new life the new season has brought us.

A little poem on the growth of redwoods (such as this) can be found below the virtual fold by Jane Hirschfield, who is one of America’s best, if not best known, poets.

But isn’t the green of this new growth in itself a little touching? Hope is not just "the thing with feathers that perches in the soul," as Emily said; it’s literally a part of all us, plants included.


My Favorite New Quote

Via Chris Clarke’s Creek Running North. From Edward Abbey: The geologic approach is certainly primary and fundamental, underlying the attitude and outlook that best support all others, including the insights of poetry and the wisdom of religion. Just as the earth itself forms the indispensable ground for the only kind of life we know, providingContinue reading “My Favorite New Quote”

Winter Returns, Thank God!

In a post below, I regretted the coming of spring in early February, which for Southern Californians could mean ten months or more of unrelenting heat, smog, and fear of wildfires…but my fears were premature: Winter has returned! Yesterday with my wife, a friend, and our delirious dogs, we walked all day to the topContinue reading “Winter Returns, Thank God!”