Knitters gone wild: “Guerilla grannies” surprise Ojai

Thanksgiving is the heaviest on food of all our national holidays, and perhaps the lightest emotionally — coincidence? Not sure, but for the Ojai Valley News, here's a fun story that I think fits the occasion, about the latest in organic chic — yarn bombs. Other descriptors: Yarn bombers. Guerilla knitting. Yarnstorming properties. Guerilla granies, Here's anContinue reading “Knitters gone wild: “Guerilla grannies” surprise Ojai”

Condors recover, feast on roadkill near Ojai

In an Earth Day editorial this past Sunday, the Star noted that the captive breeding program that brought the California Condor back from near extinction has become so successful that condors in Ventura County are no longer even newsworthy:  It was 25 years ago this month that the last free-flying California condor was plucked fromContinue reading “Condors recover, feast on roadkill near Ojai”

Bert Collins: I paint every day

Had the pleasure this weekend of interviewing one of my favorite artists, Bert Collins, and writing about her for the Star. Here's my lead (or "lede," to use the newspaper spelling):  Admirers of pastel artist Alberta "Bert" Collins began lining up outside her Ojai studio at 5:30 on Saturday morning, eager to buy one of theContinue reading “Bert Collins: I paint every day”

The tea maker, thirty years later…and Yoko

About ten years ago, astonishingly, I got a call from Yoko Ono. I happened to have written a magazine story about the time she spent with John Lennon in the little town of Ojai, in the mid-70's, after he and Yoko were driven out of Greenwich Village by FBI and NYPD surveillance and harassment. They bought a stationContinue reading “The tea maker, thirty years later…and Yoko”

Ojai Mourns Bear Shot, Killed Downtown

Over the weekend a large, peaceful bear wandered into downtown Ojai, ended up in a tree, and after much human hubbub and confusion, was tranquilized and killed. Published reports conflict as to what happened. A story in the Ventura County Star, quoting state fish and game officials, reported: At about 10 p.m. Saturday, a wardenContinue reading “Ojai Mourns Bear Shot, Killed Downtown”

Global Warming: Controversy becomes Common Sense

According to an informal poll taken by the Ojai Valley News, our recent heatwave is probably related to global warming. Scientists would be quick to point out that we cannot see climate patterns, which  we measure in thirty-year spans, in weather, which will pass in days. But climatologists will concede that our heat waves areContinue reading “Global Warming: Controversy becomes Common Sense”