Combo of the Week

 "Get Used to High Gas Prices" reads a headline from Friday April 8th’s Los Angeles Times.

In the business section on that same day, the newspaper mentions that General Motors has stopped buying advertising in the paper, claiming the coverage of GM cars was inaccurate — although refusing to specify any particular examples of inaccuracy.  The mammoth car firm did admit it was angered by a review by the Times’ car reviewer, Dan Neil, who last year won a Pulitzer prize for his bold, confrontational writing.

In his most recent column, Neil argued that GM is failing as a carmaker in part because it’s accelerating its SUV development while failing to put a single gas-conserving hybrid on the market. It’s time to "sweep the dugout" — make a management change, he wrote. The big inaccuracy in his piece? A photo of a car with a stick shift is mislabeled: actually, it was an automatic.

Evidently the emperor has no clothes — and interest in learning of his nakedness. 

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