Mine Plans Surprise Ventura County

In the last month, three different companies have announced plans to mine rock and gravel for development purposes near Ventura County. East of the county, Cemex Inc of Arizona announced plans to mine rock on Soledad Canyon Road. As discussed in the Santa Clarita edition of the "Daily News" from last Friday, "the project includes mining 150,000 tons per years of anorthosite ore, a rock mineral that is used to bind concrete for building."

Amazingly, according to Andy Fried, president of the Agua Dulce Town Council, the Forest Service asked for a response from local governing bodies within two weeks, even though it has known about the project for the last five years. Another company, Pacific Industrial Minerals, proposes to build a bridge across the Santa Clara River to mine rock ten miles east of Santa Clarita, generating as many as 25 truckloads a day, according to the proposal.

North of Ojai, on Highway 33, a "new sand and gravel mine threatens to turn Scenic Highway 33 into an industrial thoroughfare," according to the Keep the Sespe Wild newsletter. The Diamond Rock Mine, expected to be a 100-acre industrial site operating 24 hours a day, "would be capable of generating three times as much traffic as the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report suggests," director Alisdair Coyne points out.

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