The “New” Policy — Forest Service Fees for 95% of Visitors

The Forest Service in Southern California has slightly modified its controversial Adventure Pass policy, no longer requiring the pass to be posted on cars parked at trailheads that have no facilities.

"Fee opponents have some reason to celebrate.  Their efforts have led to a number of back country trailheads being dropped from the fee program," said Alisdair Coyne, conservation director of Keep the Sespe Wild, which has worked to oppose the pass policy. The conservation group believes the fee is part of a larger effort to privatize the national forests. But Coyne went on to point out that the change will still mean fees for the vast majority of visitors to the back country.

Visitors to the popular Rose Valley area, for example, who might want to park in order to walk along the river known as the Sespe, or visit the waterfall, will still have to pay a fee, even though camping is no longer allowed at the trailhead by the river. Coyne also points out that "the Forest Service’s statement that 95% of Los Padres Forest will now be fee free, presents no change from before.  The Adventure Pass has only been required up until now along roads in the forest."


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