A Vicious Rumor…Refuted

A famous barrister (and wonderful writer) named John Mortimer, was recently quoted saying:

"You know, with some people who utter dire threats about global warming, for instance, that they are going to be hostile to smokers, motor cars, jokes about mothers-in-law, school nativity plays, strip shows and the swallowing of live oysters. Equally tedious are those who complain about high taxes and are bound to be in favor of the death penalty, take a tough line on asylum seekers and are hostile to gay weddings…."

Let it be known to all that this writer is quite concerned about global warming, as are many of Mr. Mortimer’s friends and thoughtful neighbors in England, and with good reason…but I also like many smokers, naked women, and oysters. Even a nice "motor car" can be a pleasure, in truth. 

Perhaps some environmentalists are sanctimonious prigs, but most of us treasure the life and joy to be found on this planet. That’s why we want to see it continue…

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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