No Central Command

From a Newsweek  story on the disastrous lack of government oversight in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina:

The skies in New Orleans gradually filled with search-and-rescue helicopters, but there was no central command to coordinate them. A NEWSWEEK reporter on a helo flown by the Arizona Air Reserve heard this conversation as the crew readied to leave New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport after dropping off two evacuees.

FIRST CREWMAN: "F—, is he hearing us?" (referring to the air-traffic controller).
LIEUTENANT: "I don’t know, we should just take off."
ENGINEER: "We just got back from Afghanistan. Organization’s a lot better there."

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “No Central Command

  1. In case people are still concerend by the lack of response to the disaster in New Orleans and Mississippi, fear not– help is one the way! The Navy has awarded a contract to KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary, to help with rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. Isn’t that great news? And given the urgency of this situation our esteemed President and his esteemed heads of the military realized that this had to be a no-bid contract. No time to bid. In fact, Bush is not concerend with the recurrent no bid contracts awarded to KBR. And why should he be? If you’re poor in this country you’re not going to get any help. So it makes sense that the people running our government do all they can to assure themselves of owning private jets and having escape measures from global warming and potential terrosit attacks. It’s simple logic– the policies of Mr. Bush’s administration are dramatically adding to these problems so it makes perfect sense to construct a government where all of his friends and cronies can benefit. That way, when the shit hits Mother Earth’s fan, they can all stay white.


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