Don’t Let Your Children See This

Via Jim Hoggan’s elegant in Canada comes this link to a series of charts from the National Center for Atmospheric Research projecting global temperatures in the 21st-century, using atmospheric CO2 as of the year 2000 as the base.

Note that California is projected to warm by the year 2025 somewhat less than 3C…right around the 2C projected in the Preparing for a Changing Climate report issued by the California division of the US Global Change Research Program in September 2002. (This report thoughtfully compiled research for our state that had been funded by the Federal government.)  When I mentioned this to a forecaster in Ventura County, while researching a 2003 cover story on the issue, he was a little stunned. "2C?" he asked, knowing how big a deal that is. (Keep in mind that the globe as a whole has only warmed .6C to date.) But 2C for California is what the projections say.


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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