Winter Returns, Thank God!

In a post below, I regretted the coming of spring in early February, which for Southern Californians could mean ten months or more of unrelenting heat, smog, and fear of wildfires…but my fears were premature: Winter has returned!

Yesterday with my wife, a friend, and our delirious dogs, we walked all day to the top of our local ridge, the Topa Topas, where snow was abundant (at 6,000) feet. This is not a matter of earth-shaking import, but let us take our blessings where we find them…


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “Winter Returns, Thank God!

  1. Hi Kit, WINTER RETURNS brought me a grin. When I lived “at altitude” (9000 ft) in the Rockies we bemoaned the fact that we had 10 months of winter with, for good measure, snow flurries thrown in during the months of July and August. Oh my, did I long for the long, long summers of my childhood; ones that went on till it sprinkled a bit and then stopped. The reindeer suspended over Wilshire Blvd looked ridiculous bouncing about in the Santanas. But, I could still ride my horse. And of course the waves at Pt. Dume were thrilling and clear greenblue.

    Keep scribbling.


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