Don’t Bother George Will with the Facts

Here’s a great image (via Crooks and Liars) of George Will giving the international sign for "don’t bother me with the facts."

Will predictably took the Wall St. Journal line on global warming, saying that "any solution requires trillions of dollars of sacrifice from world economic growth."

This flat denial ignores the vast potential costs of a changing climate, of course, and the likelihood of bigger and more destructive storms.

Not to mention the huge profits that are being made right now in solar energy (see below) for one, and other profits to be found in other solutions.

Will’s fellow panelists didn’t buy his contention. Nor did most of the commentators. (In one comment on the original post, which I must paraphrase from memory, someone said that Will wouldn’t believe in global warming until the air was so thick that a baseball thrown from the pitching mound wouldn’t reach home plate.)

But the picture, as usual, tells the story better than any few hundred words:


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