Top Ten Global Warming Hit

Like many others, including Dave  Roberts at Gristmill, I’ve been trying to compile a list of top ten global warming hits. I’ve come up with one or two, but haven’t found that knock-out song that nobody’s heard of yet.

I begin to think maybe it hadn’t been written. 

Until now. Check out "Tables and Chairs" by Andrew Bird (via iTunes) at

For 99 cents, it’s a ridiculously good bargain.

Inspirational Verse:

don’t, don’t you worry,
about the atmosphere
or any sudden pressure change
i know
that it’s starting to get warm in here

and things are starting to get strange

I need to know more. Now.

Unfortunately for me, Bird is about to play in Michigan, Germany, and Amsterdam.

But you can learn more at Radio Paradise, which is where I first heard of him.  Also available from an early mini-lp is a wonderful free mp3 called lull.

And it looks like Bird has been interested in climate for some time:


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Global Warming Hit

  1. Check out Blubird’s “Don’t Want to be Warm,” a great global warming song. They’re a 12-year-old punk pop duo from Portland, Oregon, formed at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. The song is being featured in an HBO documentary and an upcoming feature film:


  2. Checked the kids out. Inspirational chorus:

    Global warming…
    It’s not just a prediction anymore…
    It’s not just a predicton anymore…
    It’s real.

    It’s cute, and I have to say, this is an issue about which kids seem to have their minds made up. No dithering! That’s encouraging.


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