Advertising Sustainability

A great image from Australia, the clear winner (according to the quite wonderful Oikos environmental economics blog) in an advertising competition sponsored by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

David Jeffrey sensibly asks:

Why are you interested in environmental issues? Because you’re passionate about nature? Because you’ve visited places that are beautiful and think we can make our backyard a little more beautiful too? Because you can envisage a world that’s healthier and fairer and feel good about trying to give the world a little bump in that direction? Or because you want to ease some of your guilt about existing and eating and breathing and buying nice clothes? I don’t know anyone who does it for the last reason.

Have you ever seen an ad for Diet Coke that says "Stop eating sugar you big fat slob"?. Hardly. They show slim active people having fun and imply that’s what we’ll be like if we drink Diet Coke. Manipulative? Maybe. Effective? Certainly.

(Now let’s see if Typepad can keep this image up…)


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6 thoughts on “Advertising Sustainability

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