The Sound of the Northern Ice

About six months ago I had the bright idea of pulling together resources on climate change for students, who despite a generational interest in the issue, often are daunted by the vastness of the subject.

But it turns out that Andrew Revkin of The New York Times, along with the paper’s Learning Network and the Bank Street College of Education, has already done a thoroughly superb job at this important task. It’s enough to make me want to go back to school, or become a teacher, just to be able to explore these complex and interrelated issues in depth. Check it out.

My favorite bit so far? An interactive audio sample in which Revkin talks to oceanographer Tim Stanton near the North Pole…while in the background we hear the enormous clamor of ice colliding.

Revkin sounds a little nervous; Stanton is blase about the vast forces involved. It’s utterly charming, in a noisy way.

It also reminded me of this visual from James Hansen‘s invaluable site, which comes from a pdf presentation Hansen delivered a few weeks ago to the National Academy of Sciences called "Global Warming: Is There Still Time to Avoid Disastrous Human-Made Change?" Well worth a look.

If the sound of ice colliding is noisy, imagine the sound of a glacial earthquake…


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