Sunday Morning on the Planet

Well, the town is still in shock, stunned by the dynamic debut of three new superheroines.

Even this Sunday morning, these three are on our minds, since we saw them at the Theatre 150 show in Ojai known as Saving the World: One Story at a Time.

It’s a full night of original short plays, produced by my neighbor Chris Nottoli, and featuring him and writer/actor Deb Norton, with a host of other talented locals. The show features Valerie Levett, as a modern-day Snow White, with TV stars Betsy Randall and Laurie Slade, in a play called "Little Red," written by a folksinger friend named Rain Perry.  It’s a great little play, I can attest, and the acting is described as "top-notch" by reviewer Rita Moran in the Ventura County Star. (For some reason the text doesn’t load for me, but the pictures are good, and perhaps you’ll have better luck.)

But moving from world to world on stage requires stupendous feats in the wink of an eye, and at that, these superheroines perform brilliantly, all agree. From left to right, let me introduce to you:

Julia Scott, Zoe Quinn–holding up her hand–and Emily "Sweets" Levett.

They’ve come to save the day; or, in this case, the night…and for that I am grateful.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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