The Mustache Calls Out Cheney on GOP Denial

I’ve been a bad blogger. Crushed under work, journalism, and a huge party for our good friend Deb Norton’s 40th birthday, I just haven’t been able to focus on blogging, dang it.

But I’m not giving up; just trying to find some time. Here’s a snippet from a good column by Tom Friedman (or "The Mustache," according to David Roberts, my editor at Gristmill).

Friedman, a political moderate who once was read faithfully at the White House, has dropped his support for the White House on most issues. In this column [$], headlined "G.O.P. Denial," he takes a 2×4 to the bald head of Dick Cheney, mostly on the calamitous war in Iraq, but also on energy:

Mr. Cheney, if we’re in a titanic struggle with Islamic fascists, why have you and President Bush resisted any serious effort to get Americans to conserve energy? Why do you refuse to push higher mileage standards for U.S. automakers or a gasoline tax that would curb our imports of oil?

Here we are in the biggest struggle of our lives and we are funding both sides — the U.S. military with our tax dollars and the radical Islamists and the governments and charities that support them with our gasoline purchases — and you won’t lift a finger to change that. Why? Because it might impose pain on the oil companies and auto lobbies that fund the G.O.P., or require some sacrifice by Americans.

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