The Peace of the Mountains

While on a brief vacation last weekend in the Sierras, the aforementioned Day Fire came charging southwest towards our neck of the woods in Upper Ojai, forcing our daughter to evacuate. Never a dull moment in Southern California!

While I’m trying to put the office back together, and hoping the Santa Ana winds don’t bring the still-burning fire back our way, here’s a calming picture from Mono Creek near Edison Lake, in a lovely area in the Sierras at about 8,000 feet.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

3 thoughts on “The Peace of the Mountains

  1. Yes indeed.

    Say, Barbara I just checked out your site, and I notice you have a painting (is this right?) of the Bay Area imagined back in the day, before it was developed. Fascinating. It reminded me of a few paintings by William Keith of places such as the East Bay and San Anselmo from the 19th century.

    The Bay Area is still pretty, but before the freeways, the developments, the cars…man. It’s something else, something much more than pretty.


  2. Exactly so. The beginnings of “order” in a place of imagined benign beauty when just the hem of commerce was barely in reach.
    Not nostalgia for what I never knew, but a strong sentiment for what evaporated in what today seems like a heartbeat.


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