Environmentalism: Is There Any Other Word for this Movement?

This past week the paper for which I often write, the VC Reporter, launched blogs on their website…and in an editorial singled out this particular blog as an example of how to do it.

I don’t get a chance to pat myself on the back often, so indulge me this once:

Great blogs exist already in Ventura County — longtime VC Reporter contributor Kit Stolz’s environmental blog, http://www.achangeinthewind.com, comes to mind. This is the perfect example of what a blog can be — Kit isn’t writing about whether he had Fruit Loops or Cheerios for breakfast; he’s writing about climate change and other environmentally related topics, and he’s creating a dialogue with his readers. This is what we eventually hope to do.

Can’t argue with that; or at least, I wouldn’t want to!

Except for one thing: that word "environmental." Hate that word. Here’s why.

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “Environmentalism: Is There Any Other Word for this Movement?

  1. Nice compliment from the VC (Viet Cong?) Reporter, and I feel the same way about the word “environmental” but your link managed to crystallize it. I liked the little poll at the end which I had to answer as “a believer in God” even though I’m not, but it was the closest answer to the truth.


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