The Panic of A Denialist

In recent years right-wingers in this country, including the President, have scoffed at the idea of global warming, and ignored those who expressed concern and called for action. Now, even among Republicans and conservatives, the need to act to reduce the risks of climate change is looking increasingly like the new conventional wisdom.

The obvious example is in California, where a September 1st story in the Wall St. Journal [$] rightly predicted that a high-stakes deal between a Republican executive and a Democratic legislature "to cut emissions tied to global warming is likely to boost a resurgence in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s popularity." The "halo effect" from this deal has remade Schwarzenegger’s image among independents and Democrats, which–baring an act of God–will easily carry him to victory on November 7.

But the California electorate for decades has supported environmental regulations for the sake of clean air, clean water, coastal protection, and parks and wild lands.

How is global warming viewed in the right-wing media?

Big changes are coming, it appears, and the news does not loook good for denialists such as Steven Milloy, seen here on FOX News. For more on this exciting (I think) story, please see Grist.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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