How We Use the World

Sierra magazine, which comes with membership in John Muir’s famous club, is one of the oldest enviro magazines in our country. Its journalism is solid and trustworthy, and its essays often superb, but even though I’ve written for it in the past, I sometimes find it hard to read. The combination of bad news about the planet and the seriousness of the prose can be hard to take. (Muir was often caustic and sometimes outright funny; for whatever reason, his edginess rarely shows up in SC publications.)

But the latest issue of the bimonthly, on food, comes alive in a colorful and appealing way, I think, and I highly recommend it. Also nice–all the big pieces are available on-line. If you like to be coaxed into reading, as I often do, try this Secrets of the Supermarket with professor Marion Nestle.

The connection between how we care for ourselves and how we care for our planet is becoming ever more difficult to overlook, and this issue concludes with the reason why in one wonderful quote from Wendell Berry:

How we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used.

Also wonderful: this picture of idealist Kate Casale, director of the Alameda Point Cooperative, who teaches kids (such as Farrell Williams here) how to raise their own food:


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