Cut the Crap, Mr. President

Admiration and respect to Dan Froomkin of The Washington Post, who despite blogging for a major newspaper and taking a full measure of heat from right-wing partisans, continues to dog the Current Occupant’s every move, putting his every press conference, every idiotic quote, every bungling misstep on the record forever.

The column is heavily linked and written for the web, and because it covers the press covering the story, instantly provides perspective on the big story of the day in D.C.

But it has one flaw. Although Froomkin sometimes requests questions from readers to be asked to the President, he himself remains web-bound and unable to speak. 

Still he gets a lot done. Today, on my birthday, he called out the entire American press corps. He pointed out that somehow their "small-bore" questions never seemed to confront the President with the failure of his own chosen war. In contrast to their detailed-but-vague questions about "time lines," here’s a question British reporter Bill Neely put to the President on Thursday:

Q: Mr. President, the Iraq Study Group said that leaders must be candid and forthright with people. So let me test that. Are you capable of admitting your failures in the past, and perhaps much more importantly, are you capable of changing course, perhaps in the next few weeks?

In response the Current Occupant said, in many more words, not yet.

…I do know that we have not succeeded as fast as we wanted to succeed. I do understand that progress is not as rapid as I had hoped. And therefore, it makes sense to analyze the situation…

Froomkin, from his aerie in the web, points out:

Bush’s response to Neely’s question was particularly telling because it demonstrated that the president still doesn’t think he himself did anything wrong in Iraq. He recognizes that things didn’t go as planned there, but doesn’t seem to think any of it was his fault.

That indeed casts doubt on his ability to change course. As I pointed out in my October 20 column, the first step to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem.

Well, that’s a darn good point, that’s all.

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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

2 thoughts on “Cut the Crap, Mr. President

  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Kit, and let’s pray that idiotic criminal is not still in office and our armies are not still in Iraq by the time you have another one.


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