The Vanishing Glaciers

The World Glacier Monitoring Service reports that the Alps will lose three-quarters of their glaciers this century, due to climate change. Kevin Drum puts it well:

For some reason, global warming skeptics are fond of claiming that glaciers aren’t really shrinking. Usually they do this by cherry picking a single glacier somewhere that’s been gaining mass, or by suggesting that the shrinkage is due to purely local problems. But it’s not so. A broad look at glaciers throughout the world shows that not only are glaciers shrinking, but the shrinkage is accelerating.

The director of the glacier monitoring international group,  Wilfried Haeberli, puts it this way:

It is not the past that worries us, it is the future. With the scenarios predicted, we will enter conditions which we have not seen in the past 10,000 years, and perhaps conditions which mankind has never experienced.

Plus a graph!


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