Thinking Globally on Climate Change

A new globally-based group called Avaaz has launched an ad calling on the leaders of the world to wake up to climate change. Global climate change, global political action: this makes sense. You can find the ad on YouTube, of course, and here’s the opening image, which I love:


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One thought on “Thinking Globally on Climate Change

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the mention. The ad is also on our website: along with a petition to the G8 leaders!!
    TITLE: The word just keeps on spreading!
    BLOG NAME: English Blog
    DATE: 02/08/2007 08:13:35 AM
    Today Avaaz has got mentions in the following: Bruce Sterling’s Viridian Design see it here A change in the Wind, see it here Heli’s Heaven and Hell radio here As always, more as they happen!…


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