Mt. Rushmore Beach, Sponsored by Diesel

The Washington Post features a well-written piece by Libby Copeland on Diesel’s heavily-ironic ads for their new line of absurdly-overpriced jeans. To wit:

In print ads promoting its spring/summer collection, the Italian-based clothing company depicts landscapes that have been transformed by environmental disaster. The proud buildings of Manhattan and the presidential faces of Mount Rushmore are half-submerged in water from melted glaciers. Paris is a steamy jungle. Life looks pretty awesome, though. Diesel’s models are dressed fashionably if barely (to accommodate the weather) and they lounge amid this hip dystopia in glamorous unconcern…

Sounds like modern life, doesn’t it? I’m old-fashioned, and don’t want to ironize all issues, but I have to say, as a "waker-upper," I like this image:


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