We Interrupt This Blog for an Oblique Comment on Morals

Specifically, on Stinson Beach, which I knew well growing up. Has it always been this way? Is this an "isolated example?" Am I being a prude? Or is this just the 21st century?


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

5 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog for an Oblique Comment on Morals

  1. WHAT are you talking about? What am I missing in the photo of Stinson Beach? I, too, lived there. Loved it. Wouldn’t want to go back, however.


  2. Sorry! Here’s the dialogue from the linked couple overheard at Stinson Beach:

    And That’s the Way We Became the Brady Bunch

    Girl #1: Alex and I had sex here, on this beach.
    Girl #2: When?
    Girl #1: Last summer. We were staying at his parents’ beach house and would come out here at night and just do it.
    Girl #2: Sounds fun.
    Girl #1: Oh, it was. Until we saw this couple walking their dog by the water.
    Girl #2: Hm?
    Girl #1: It turned out it was Alex’s parents. They totally knew it was us.
    Girl #2, laughing: Did they ever say anything about it?
    Girl #1: Oh, yeah. His dad took me aside the next morning and told me we could have a private rendezvous one night if I wanted.
    Girl #2: No way! That’s disgusting! Oh my god, what a perv!
    Girl #1: Yeah, except he and his wife were going to get a divorce anyway…

    –Stinson Beach, California

    I wonder if it was like that when you were living there…or am I being unfair?


  3. Sex on the beach?
    Or pervs?
    Both probably.
    But then, I lived up on the hillside and didn’t consort with shoreline dwellers, so what did I know?
    (I wonder if I missed much?)


  4. There has always been sex on the beach. In fact, I indulged in it too many times to count when young, though frankly sand is not something one really wants abrasively rubbing against delicate private parts.

    The father, however, just sounds like a creep (with a sense of entitlement), and they have existed in all times and all places.


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