3 thoughts on “Chart of the Week

  1. There it is. The perfect storm of reasons to suck more water out of the Owens Valley, the Colorado River, all of the Sierra, and most of the San Francisco Bay Area. Gotta keep those golf courses green, pools filled, azaleas and rhododendrons lush, doncher know.


  2. You could not have called it better, Barbara. From the front page of today’s LATimes:

    “Nature is pulling a triple whammy on Southern California this year. Whether it’s the Sierra, the Southland or the Colorado River Basin, every place that provides water to the region is dry.

    It’s a rare and troubling pattern, and if it persists it could thrust the region into what researchers have dubbed the perfect Southern California drought: when nature shortchanges every major branch of the far-flung water network that sustains 18 million people.”


  3. You see, what frustrates me beyond endurance is that we are not being asked/shown/taught to conserve or (even) reconsider how we use water. Like oil, it is in diminishing supply. But clean potable water, unlike oil, is essential for our and our planet’s survival. Yet nowhere are we seeing a concerted effort to conserve it in any rational scale. Our very own American arrogance and sense of entitlement makes me weep.


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