Sunday Morning on the Planet: A Yucca Survives the Day Fire

Last weekend with friends we went to the Sespe, in Ventura County’s backcountry wilderness. Much of the chaparral on the northern side of the river is gone (although regrowing from the roots), but even there, survivors remain, including this yucca, which lost many of its longer fronds, but now in its flowering looks virtually unscathed…


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “Sunday Morning on the Planet: A Yucca Survives the Day Fire

  1. I love that area and it’s sister to the north, Ventana.

    That vegetation is adapted to fire and even requires it. Do not mourn for the plants, as they don’t mourn fire but rather invite it.

    One of the more impressive sights I’ve ever seen was while riding my bike with a buddy down the coast and about in that area, a firebreak was cut up the mountainside on about a 50º slope. We thought we were tough, riding loaded down the coast, until we saw that line, going straight for the fire on the ridge.




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