File Under: Ulp!

It’s been lovely lately. For three or four days we actually had the perfect average temp: 68 degrees. Even here at Oak Creek, California, elevation about 1468, about ten miles from the coast, the late-night incursion of the marine layer has brought us what my aunt Ruth from back East used to call "coolth."

With luck, this may continue for a few weeks. But late last night I heard a restless wind coming in, possibly from the north, and it’s warmer this morning. NOAA says a La Niña condition is forming in the Pacific, which means the forecasts are likely to stay dry.

This morning in the Los Angeles Times, Bill Patzert told the story:

"With this late developing La Niña, that’s not good for Southern California or the Colorado River Basin. It could be dry next winter as well."

Patzert has been enjoying the early-morning gloom as well early this June, but expects the upcoming summer to be as hot as or hotter than last year’s summer, a record-breaker.

The analogues are especially alarming. File Under: Ulp!

(From NOAA’s soil moisture estimates.)


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