The 2007 Ojai Music Festival

A preview. I liked the way pianist Amy Williams described this year’s music director and principal soloist, Pierre-Laurent Aimard:

“He’s a god. He’s one of those extraordinary musicians whose playing is near-perfect or perfect. I always try to hear his concerts whenever I can, and I’m always surprised and fed musically by what he does.”

But Amy Williams can play herself, as can her partner Helena Bugallo, seen here at Ojai in 2005.


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One thought on “The 2007 Ojai Music Festival

  1. They definitely both have chops. Wasn’t so convinced by the way they hammered through Dumbarton Oakes (maybe it’s really just meant to be done by an orchestra to draw out the colors and contrasts) – but the call-and-response piece they performed later demonstrated great sensitivity and incredible collaboration (with pianos set on opposite sides of the stage no less). Good stuff.


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