The Upside of Global Warming

Some winners, according to the Associated Press:

GHENT, N.Y. — It’s not in Al Gore’s PowerPoint presentation, but there are some upsides to global warming.

Northern homes could save on heating fuel. Rust Belt cities might stop losing snowbirds to the South. Canadian farmers could harvest bumper crops. Greenland may become awash in cod and oil riches. Shippers could count on an Arctic shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific. Forests may expand. Mongolia could see a go-go economy.

Special Report

Read complete Post coverage on the science and politics surrounding the threat of human-induced climate change.

This is all speculative, even a little facetious, and any gains are not likely to make up for predicted frightening upheavals elsewhere.

This is based on a study out of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, which has recently been put into a fascinating on-line map form…take a look. I will read the 2003 study, on which the dynamimc map is based, and hope to have a chance to follow up with the authors Robert Mendelsohn and Larry Williams.

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