Americans, World Agree: U.S. Bad for the Environment

The results of a huge Pew Center poll (pdf) asking detailed questions of 45,000 people around the globe resulted in a wide range of opinion, as one would expect, but virtually unanimity on an important point. When it comes to the environment, the U.S. is the worst offender (the biggest contributor to global warming, etc.) 

The puzzler in this sample is India, which calls itself the worst, despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary. What’s up with the self-hatred, India?


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2 thoughts on “Americans, World Agree: U.S. Bad for the Environment

  1. Because my partner works in show biz, we get “Variety” magazine which has interesting lists of box office in foreign countries. It’s the usual list of “Spiderman 3” blockbusters in most countries, but the anomalies are always fascinating. For instance, the Koreans REALLY like their own domestically made movies, and as you can see from your chart they are not crazy about China’s pollution.

    Which gets me to my favorite anomaly on this list, which has Mexico posting “Germany” as its third choice. What’s up with that?


  2. Who knows? Maybe Mexicans have had bad experience with German tourists.

    By the way, thanks for the recommendation on “The Host.” Great movie from Korea.


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