Treasury Secretary Lobbies China on Global Warming

From the Wall Street Journal today:

Mr. Paulson has tried to broaden the discussion beyond
the currency, talking about further openness in the financial sector as
a key step for China’s reforms and cooperation on mitigating climate
change, preserving the environment, and developing more secure energy

Ahead of his meetings in Beijing Tuesday and
Wednesday, Mr. Paulson visited China’s western Qinghai province to tour
a lake area damaged by global warming.

Different reporters take different angles on a story. The WSJ story above looks mostly at currency lobbying. A Reuters story below stresses a White House pushback against a Congressional move to pressure China.

Snore. Interestingly, the Reuters photographer and caption look at an entirely different story barely mentioned in either news account — how Paulson toured Chinese efforts to prevent desertification thanks to global warming. The picture’s far more dramatic than the currency discussion.

Hmmmm….are these reporters going with the talking points (the trees) and missing the forest  — the big story? Just asking! Here’s the picture and illuminating caption from Reuters.

And Mr. Paulson? If you’re interested in showing high officials what can be done against global warming — would you please talk to your boss?


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