European Heat Waves: Now Twice as Long!

That’s according to a study from the University of Bern.

The surprising news is that this study looks at temperature records and concludes that temperatures were overestimated in the past in Europe. This will not please deniers in this country eager to argue that due to the so-called heat island effect, high temperatures are being overestimated now.

The bottom line:

"The researchers suggest that their conclusions contribute to growing
evidence that western Europe’s climate has become more extreme."

In any case, as one of the commentators points out, this dispute over the observational record cannot refute the evidence of global warming that is coming in from countless natural sources: glaciers, butterflies, maple trees, and so on. But that won’t stop the deniers.

From the study, here’s a map of temperature anomalies in Europe during the 2003 heat wave, via NASA.

(Hat Tip: Sci Guy)


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