5 thoughts on “Just Saying “No” to China

  1. Good reporting, Kit. Yes, be very aware of things from China, especially the 2008 Olympics. I feel that with the way China covers up its crimes and actions against its own people, the world should BOYCOTT the 2008 games? Why are we having supper with the devil. The CHICOMS are devious devils, and the Olympics won’t change anything. What’s your take on a boycott? On principle?



  2. Thanks, Danny. My feeling is that Americans should certainly not rule out boycotting the Olympics, but when it comes to tactics and motivating change within governments, I usually follow the Vaclav Havel model, which is to call for governments to live up to their commitments…even if we know that they made these promises (of legality, environmental quality, democracy) cynically. Change cannot be imposed from afar, only brought about from within, which requires a motivation.

    My gut feeling is that when the world takes a long look at China in 2008, it may be horrified at the pollution, the frenzied industrialization, and the corruption, and that such a reaction might do more to motivate the Chinese to change than a boycott. (They’ve proven surprisingly willing to consider changes in policy in Darfur to keep Steven Spielberg involved in the filming in 2008 for example.) But is that an example of engagement, or of the power of boycotting? Not sure — I will be the the first to admit I still don’t know much about China!


  3. Yeah, boycotts have their day, but also working with govts also has its day. Boycott doesn’t accomlish much, but then again, principles sometimes matter. My guess is 2008 Ollies will go on as skedded, and world WILL SEE just what China is like, the good (and the bad)…..


  4. I actually just called Black Box. According to the CSR, “some” of their cables are made in the US, and otheres overseas. They couldn’t give me a specific answer about the country of origin unless I named them a specific cable, so I assume they have a pretty wide subcontracting net cast. You may end up with a US-made cable, though.

    Always keep spare patch cables around, though. Spare power cables are good too.


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