The Green Flash

The last of the sunset, just before the top of the sun is about to wink out before being swallowed up by the horizon, that last few seconds in which the light changes — below Brad offers some tips on how to see the famous green flash, and mentions it’s a fairly subtle effect. 

Since this is the age of the Internet, naturally we can find whole sites on the subject: here’s one which won an award from Griffith Observatory a few years ago.   

And here’s a nice rendition (not too spectacular and/or untrustworthy) from McShots, who has been taking pictures of sunsets near his home in El Segundo for years, and finally captured the fabled green flash.

I think I have had the same reaction to the green flash as did he and many other photographers on Flickr, who asked: Is that it?


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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