7th Grade Dropout Reinvents Car Engine

It’s this kind of story that gives me faith in America — again. An innovative mechanic in Kansas named Jonathan Goodwin is inventing new ways to get double, triple, or quadruple the mileage that big cars (such as Hummers) can get out of fuels, using innovative methods but basic parts, usually made by GM.

He is a virtuoso of fuel economy. He takes the hugest American cars
on the road and rejiggers them to get up to quadruple their normal
mileage and burn low-emission renewable fuels grown on U.S. soil–all
while doubling their horsepower. The result thrills eco-evangelists and
red-meat Americans alike: a vehicle that’s simultaneously green and
mean. And word’s getting out. In the corner of his office sits Arnold
Schwarzenegger’s 1987 Jeep Wagoneer, which Goodwin is converting to
biodiesel; soon, Neil Young will be shipping him a 1960 Lincoln
Continental to transform into a biodiesel–electric hybrid.

His target for Young’s car? One hundred miles per gallon.

(h/t: Tyler Suchman)


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

6 thoughts on “7th Grade Dropout Reinvents Car Engine

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  2. Thanks to Jonathan Goodwin for inventing an innovative mechanic and new ways to get double, triple, or quadruple the mileage that big cars commonly used.


  3. You really showed them and proved them wrong. I like to read more about this article. It gives me the encouragement to ponder on things while working. You did a good job in improving the fuel economy of those cars.


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