BBC Poll: 4/5 Around World Ready to Make Change for Sake of Climate

According to a huge BBC poll of nearly 22,000 people around the world, four out of five of people are ready and willing to change their lives to preserve their traditional climate — even in China and the US.

Overall, 83% of respondents throughout the world agreed
that individuals would definitely or probably have to make lifestyle
changes to reduce the amount of climate-changing gases they produce.

In almost all countries in Europe, and in the US, most
people said they believed the cost of fuels that contribute most to
climate change would have to increase.

The world seems to be begging for leadership on this issue — doesn’t it seem? People around the world even indicated a real willingness to pay higher taxes for the sake of the climate. Although a narrow majority indicated a willingness to pay an energy tax, support jumped if people believed the money would go to solving the problem, and not just government coffers.

…when people opposed to energy taxes were asked
whether their opinion would change if the revenue from the taxes were
used to increase energy efficiency or develop cleaner fuel, large
majorities in every country were in favor of higher taxes.

And when those opposed to higher taxes were asked
whether they would change their minds if other taxes were reduced in
order to keep their total tax burden the same, the survey again
discovered large majorities in every country in favoured of higher
green taxes.

"This poll clearly shows that people are much more ready
to endure their share of the burden than most politicians grant," said
Doug Miller, director of Globescan, the polling company that conducted
the survey on behalf of the BBC.

3 thoughts on “BBC Poll: 4/5 Around World Ready to Make Change for Sake of Climate

  1. They really interviewed 22,0o0 people around the world? Hard to believe a poll could be so huge. But maybe they did. Anyway, the news is good. If true. Because yes, we do need to make huge changes in lifestyles ASAP, in next 10 years or so. But I rather doubt people who do anything significant until a major catatrosphe strikes the planet or a region. THEN people will wake up. Until then, mostly business as usual. With business leading the way. After all, there’s that bottom line and stockholders to look after…

    But this IS good news.


  2. ”Globescan interviewed 22,182 people in the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.

    Interviews were conducted face-to-face or by telephone between 29 May 29 and 26 July 2007.”

    I see, 1000 people each in 21 countries each. Maybe they did. That’s alot of money to spend on a poll. Who paid for it?


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