Famous Blowhard Falls for Global Warming Hoax

This is rich: a clever Englishman recently faked a paper in the heretofore unknown Journal of Geoclimactic Studies, supposedly by a team of brave researchers. "They" claimed to have found proof that global warming was caused by an obscure oceanic bacteria, and were publishing the truth at great risk to their scientific careers.

Our data demonstrate that those who subscribe to the consensus
theory have overlooked  the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions.
While a small part of the rise in emissions is attributable to
industrial activity, it is greatly outweighed (by >300 times) by
rising volumes of CO2 produced by saprotrophic eubacteria
living in the sediments of the continental shelves fringing the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Moreover, the bacterial emissions, unlike
industrial CO2, precisely match the fluctuations in global temperature over the past 140 years. 

This paper also posits a mechanism for the increase in bacterial CO2 emissions. A series of natural algal blooms, beginning in the late 19th Century, have caused mass mortality among the bacteria’s major predators: brachiopod molluscs of the genus Tetrarhynchia.
These periods of algal bloom, as the palaeontological record shows,
have been occurring for over three million years, and are always
accompanied by a major increase in carbon dioxide emissions, as a
result of the multiplication of bacteria when predator pressure is
reduced. They generally last for 150-200 years. If the current episode
is consistent with this record, we should expect carbon dioxide
emissions to peak between now and mid-century, then return to
background levels. Our data suggest that current concerns about manmade
global warming are unfounded.

The hoax actually didn’t fool many familiar with the Web and its ways, but it did hook the biggest self-proclaimed skeptic of all — Rush Limbaugh, who pitched it to his followers as yet another proof of the "hoax" of global warming!

What do you call a man who hoaxes himself?

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