Best Debate Ever: Republicans on YouTube

I’ve been watching Presidential debates since the Carter-Reagan era, and I have never seen a more entertaining or more revealing debate than the Republicans on YouTube. Since the questioners knew this was their one and only shot at a national audience, they asked what they really wanted to know, without undue fawning and with good humor, and elicited genuine and often surprising answers.

My favorite question came from a bright-eyed young fellow named calciumboy. He asked the candidates if they believed every word in the Holy Bible was true. I thought he was joking, but check out his site on the question of matrimony.

He’s not. He tells prospective mates:

If you think I’m "the one", for cryin out loud, don’t wait for me to ask you out; just tell me.  I’ll never have the nerve to ask you.  I figure if a girl doesn’t like me enough to tell me she wants me, then she doesn’t like me enough to be my wife.

Oh and here’s the fun part: after revealing my flaws (ie. social cowardice) and my lack of money and prospects, I have the "nerve" to tell you that I must have a humble, godly wife, who understands that this is not an "equal-partnership", it is a Biblical marriage (you know, the "old-fashioned" kind that everybody patronizes today, where the wife respects and obeys the husband – I know, that’s tough to hear when you’ve been fed feminist propaganda your whole life).  If you have a problem with this, we will never marry…

He then went on to quote a slew of Old Testament prophets: "Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands, as unto the Lord…" etc.


Huckabee jumped in and as a preacher tried to take the Holy Bible question away from Giuliani, who said (in essence) that no, some of the Bible is allegorical, such as Jonah and the whale. Huckabee agreed, but preached it — inspirationally.

Other superb questions: What would Jesus do about the death penalty, and how many guns do you own?

Best answer of the night: McCain on torture. [See below.] Will it help him?

With Republicans, probably not.

Winners: Huckabee, McCain
Losers:   Romney
Agreed Upon-On Also-Ran: Thompson
Questions on Global Warming or Environmental Matters: None

Update: Tom Toles on the same question, candidates.

Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

2 thoughts on “Best Debate Ever: Republicans on YouTube

  1. I liked somebody’s answer that Jesus would be too smart to run for public office, when answering what would Jesus do. Good a good applause line too!

    But basically, they all look like losers in the election to me. Hillary is going to win. She even said to CBS: “I am going to win it. I cannot even imagine not winning. I am going to be the next president.”

    She has that kind of amazing confidence. Go girl! I think America needs her now. Although Obama is a very good man, too.


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