Australia Wants Emissions Reductions Now

Could the drought have changed Australia’s mind about climate change?

Days after former Prime Minister John Howard and his party were swept from power, a stunning 93% of Australians polled want "the country to reverse its rising greenhouse pollution in five years," according to a survey of almost a 1000 voters.

The European Union‘s ambassador to Australia, Bruno Julien, welcomed Australia’s new position on Kyoto and said he hoped others would follow.

"We would have preferred to have Australia in the beginning, and the United States too, by the way," Bruno Julien said.

"But we greet this news and we are very happy to see that it’s taken at
the highest level because it ensures that negotiations in Bali will be
at a very high level.

"But let’s try to work together to convince the ones who are still not on board."

Hint, hint…here’s an empty Aussie resevoir, captured by Jamie Walhouse:


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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