The Perfect Rain

Everyone in their right minds respects "nature," but days like today I not so much respect it as love it. We wouldn’t be here were it not for the essential generosity of the universe (call it God or what you will), and today came the perfect rain — steady (over an inch so far in Ventura County) but not hard, and likely to continue into the night and perhaps the morning. Another five or ten of these storms and the streams will run again — an event my family and many of us in Upper Ojai have been awaiting for over a year.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on “The Perfect Rain

  1. yes, so true. Nature is us, we are nature. So many people complain about the weather, as Mark Twain once said, they don’t the rain, the wind, the hurricanes, the cloudy overcast days, whateer, but all that is NATURE and we need those rainy days……LIFE was not put here for us to enjoy in perfect Southern California/Miami Beach/St. Tropez/Copacobana beach weather for tourist brochures…….no. we are here to experience life in all its myriad varities, many pleasant, many unpleasant, c’est la vie as it really is….and your post is so true.

    even global warming is here for a reason. sigh.


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