2 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee — Hindu Fundamentalist

  1. Funny cartoon, yes. You know, it’s a big problem. Huckabee, well, all the candidates, left and right and GOP and DEM, they all believe in religious beliefs that I feel are outdated and superstitious. But what can I do? The entire planet is engulfed in religious crap, from the Middle East to the USA to Asia as well. So is Huckabee any worse than Gore, who also believes Jesus walked on water? I don’t know. I am just glad I don’t live in the USA anymore. It’s a religious nuthouse.


  2. But I also wanted to say that if Romney or Huckabee or Obama or anyone who believes in an imaginary white god with blue eyes from the Middle East 5000 years ago is elected president of the USA, just like JFK and Clinton did, well, as long as their personal beliefs do not enter into public policy wonking, it’s okay. And for the most part, Americans DO keep their private parts, er, private beliefs, private. So I am not really worried. But the cartoon is funny, yes. There is no ”God” at all, get over it, America!


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