Canvassing for Obama

Sorry to be out of commission: had connectivity issues this weekend. Anyhow!

Here’s my highly scientific report about canvassing one of my neighborhoods for Barack. Was instructed by m precinct captain to simply talk to people, try to find out who was voting for Obama, and make sure they made it to the polls on Tuesday.

Talked to a long street full of people. Pretty evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, with one self-identified Independent. The Independent said he remembered Vietnam and was opposed to Obama because Obama wanted to end the war. He said Iraq was like Vietnam and "we have to finish it."

Okay then.

Three Republican households did not want to talk to me, but one Republican told me she was voting for Obama, because she and her husband didn’t like any of the GOP candidates. Two Democrats said they would vote for Obama and, shocking me, also said they would not vote for Hillary in November if she was nominated. And two Democratic households said they were leaning towards Obama, but hadn’t yet made up their minds.

From this highly scientific poll, Obama will sweep California, and swamp Republican voters. Yay!

Here’s a picture of Barack taken at a rally at Santa Barbara City College, this past fall. I’m proud to say I’ve actually shaken the hand of the man I think will be the next President of these United States…


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I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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