Ralph Nader Takes Credit for Al Gore’s Nobel Prize

Believe it or don’t. Here’s the ever-charming Nader, in an interview with the BBC:

BBC: A lot of people blame you for allowing George Bush to come in in 2000, because you took a fair number of votes that would have gone to Al Gore for the Democrats.

NADER: No, actually the studies show that by pushing Gore to take more progressive stands, he actually ended up with a net vote. That’s Solon Simmons, who teaches at George Mason University. If you ask Al Gore, who’s now world famous, I don’t get credit for that, do I? If I’m going to get blamed for his defeat, why don’t I get credit for his making global climate change a major issue, making him a multi-millionaire, and for getting a Nobel Prize?

Wow. What can you say. By that logic, Nader should run for president. Who knows, maybe Obama will end the war, stop global warming, and restore prosperity — and we’ll have Ralph Nader to thank.

Mr. Fish feels differently. So does Tom Toles:


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