Jaw-Dropping Web-Only Commentary

Much as I feel for newspapers and their reporters as they are being cut to shreds, it must be said that commentators and the communities they attract on the web are remaking print discourse for the reading public in some jaw-dropping ways. We may all be getting "free jobs" soon, but at least we’ll have good stuff to read on-line as we’re making our t-shirts.

Three examples:

A discussion of the alleged "incoherence" of No Country for Old Men, by publius, of Obsidian Wings, and his/its vastly thoughtful commentariat:

An examination of the recent post-Wright polling between Clinton and Obama, by the highly experienced Mystery Pollster Mark Blumenthal, a first-rate writer and statistician. who argues that the Obama decline in recent polling vs. Clinton is within the range of error and within historical norms.

And, most astounding of all, a shockingly-factual cultural commentary on the song Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen) and its re-interpretation (by Cohen, John Cale, and Jeff Buckley).

Author is a writer and an accountant who goes by the name clapclap. He’ll change your mind — or at least, inform it.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

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