Lede of the Week

"SANAA, Yemen —  Jaber Elbaneh
is one of the world’s most-wanted terrorism suspects. In 2003, the U.S.
government indicted him, posted a $5 million reward for his capture and
distributed posters bearing photos of him around the globe.

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None of it worked. Elbaneh remains at large, as wanted as ever. The al-Qaeda operative, however, isn’t very hard to find.

One day last month, he shuffled down a busy street here in the
Yemeni capital, past several indifferent policemen. Then he disappeared
inside a building, though not before accidentally stepping on a
reporter’s toes."

[Those toes belonged, no doubt, to the reporter Craig Whitlock, writing from Yemen for the Washington Post. Great piece — find it here. The great travel writer Pico Iyer also included a harrowing account of visiting Aden, Yemen, an ancient city, in his Sun After Dark. Yemen is one of the most Al Qaida-friendly nations in the world, which can make visiting by Americans a bit perilous…here’s a strong photo of Sanaa from world traveler/photographer Laurent Zylbergman and his interesting 365 Degrees project, via Flickr.]


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