McCain Bumper Stickers

The Kossacks go wild over a bumper sticker contest for McCain (here). Approaching 1,000 entries. Can’t blame ’em. The official McCain bumper sticker/slogan — Reform, Prosperity, and Peace — is not only an obvious advertising slogan without meaning, but instantly forgettable besides. 

Much more fun to imagine what it should be.

KOS opened the discussion with:

McCain: An American leader for American ready to lead Americans on Day One

A few others that stood out for me:

McCain: Got Fear?

McCain: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

McCain: Bob Dole Without the Youthful Charisma

McCain: Angry. White. And Sort of Christian

McCain: Been There Since Day One

McCain: Get Off Of My Lawn

(my entry)

McCain: Anger You Can Believe In

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