Woody Guthrie l945

Found not too long ago in the Federal archives, a clip of Woody Guthrie performing "Ranger Command" on the road:

Lyrics, via a commentator named Texas Jim, who has a great story of his own…

"I met a fair maiden
her name I don’t know
I asked her to the roundup
with me would she go.
She said she’d go with me
to that old round up
and drink that hard liquor
from a cold bitter cup."

The final closing lines of this song are:

"she rose from her warm bed
with a gun in each hand
said come all of you cowboys
and fight for your land
come all of you cowboys
and don’t ever run
as long as there’s bullets
in both of your guns."

used to sing it to myself on guard duty in the 101st Airborne all the
time. I love this song. May have been the last some guys heard.

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