“Burn All the Fossil Fuels” Right Here, Right Now

Ted Rall gets the fundamental absurdity of John McCain’s position on drilling right (below).

Yes, we can drill more, and possibly (according to the Energy Information Administration) reduce the price of gas by three or four cents in 2028.

(To specify, if we opened ANWR to drilling, the price of oil would fall by between forty-one cents on the low end, to $1.44 on the high end…per barrel. Today oil costs $116.33 per barrel, so we’re talking cents on the dollar…at best.)

Noted geoscientist Tim Barnett once described the Bush energy policy to a meeting of fire ecologists as "Burn Up All the Fossil Fuels As Fast As We Can." Sounds like McCain likes the idea…a lot.


Published by Kit Stolz

I'm a freelance reporter and writer based in Ventura County.

One thought on ““Burn All the Fossil Fuels” Right Here, Right Now

  1. Personally I’m all for leaving fossil fuels in the ground, they are massively polluting, cause geopolitical instability and the transition away from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources is becoming an economic necessity even without the risk of Anthropogenic Climate Change as competition for fossil fuels increases the cost of generating electricity from fossil fuels.
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